Dr. Rand teaches 1st and 2nd year courses in the School of Engineering at Acadia, and also acts as a guest lecturer for a graduate course in the Department of Civil Engineering at Dalhousie University.

1. Statics

(APSC 1113 and 1110L, Acadia University)

This first-year undergraduate class covers Cartesian geometry, lines and planes, directed vectors, dot and cross products, equivalent force and moment systems, particle and rigid body equilibrium. It includes analysis of loads and struts, beams, trusses, rope and pulley arrangements, frames and machine, as well as friction, centroids and moments of inertia.

2. Programming I

(APSC 1413 and 1410L, Acadia University)

This course covers the fundamental programming principals of flow control, modularity and structured programming. The student will implement significant programs in the "C" programming language to solve a variety of engineering problems.

3. Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

(APSC 3313 and 3310L, Acadia University)

This course seeks to develop the student's ability to perform mass and energy balances on reactive and non-reactive processes. Topics include the fundamental properties of multiphase systems, phase equilibrium, vapour pressure, phase rule, Roault's and Henry's laws and colligative properties. Emphasis is placed on developing problem solving skills.

4. Programming II
(APSC 2613 and 2610L, Acadia University)

This course is based on computer programming in the C+ language. Topics include object orientated versus procedural programming, objects, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees and various sorting and searching algorithms.

5. Strength of Materials

(APSC 1133 and 1130L, Acadia University)

This course investigates elastic deformation and failure analysis for common engineering elements. Topics include material properties, stress-strain testing and diagrams, axial, torsion, transverse and bending loads, stress transformations and principal stresses. The course also includes design of struts, pins, shafts, pressure vessels, beams and columns.

6. Water Treatment Plant Design

(CIVL 6115, Dalhousie University)

Dr. Rand has been a guest lecturer in this graduate course which investigates various water treatment practices including coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, corrosion control and more. Dr. Rand offered a lecture on UV technology, which explored reactor design and operation, modes of inactivation, and interesting case studies.  


Dr. Jennie L. Rand - Assistant Professor
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