Dr. Rand's Drinking Water Quality Laboratory is located in the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre on the Acadia University campus. This unique centre houses top-notch research facilities for a variety of programs at Acadia including engineering, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, biology and more. Dr. Rand's laboratory is equipped with several research instruments acquired through NSERC and other funding sources.

Some interesting instruments are the annular reactors, which are used to simulate drinking water distribution systems so that the effects of changing operating parameters (i.e., pH, disinfectant residual, pipe material) on water quality can be investigated. The UV collimated beam delivers accurate UV dosages to water samples so that inactivation rates of microbial pathogens can be determined. The collilert system provides accurate and quick counts for Coliforms and E. coli in water samples. The turbidimeter measures how "cloudy" a water sample is, which is an indicator of water quality. The spectrophotometer can measure a variety of water parameters - everything from chlorine residual concentration to nitrate levels to hardness of the water. The lab also has lots of support equipment such as peristaltic pumps, a UV lamp, a radiometer , stirring/heating plates, microanalysis equipment and a microscope.



Dr. Jennie L. Rand - Assistant Professor
Ivan Curry School of Engineering
Acadia University, Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6
Phone: 902-585-1519Fax: 902-585-1519