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UNOFFICIAL Elan Paperless Data Viewer
The UNOFFICIAL Elan Paperless Data Viewer is a small standalone utility for PerkinElmer ELAN 6000/9000/DRC/DRC+/DRC-e/DRC II and NEXION 300Q/X/D/S users. It has two main features:

1. It allows the user to view a scrolling table of results during a quantitative analysis run. The table is updated after each sample is analyzed.
2. It can export the results to a Microsoft Excel 97/xp/2003 file, with isotopes in columns and sample IDs in rows--like the old Elan 5000 software. The results can also be exported after the data is reprocessed.

The program has been tested under Windows 2000/XP SP2/XP SP3/Vista/7. Windows NT probably won't work but give it a try and let us know. It will not work under Windows 95/98/ME. However, the Report Options Template should work under any version of Elan software.

This program is fully functional. It is free of any adware, nagware, or any other restrictions. However, if you find the program useful you are asked to donate USD $25 for each installed seat to Charles Burroughs, a brilliant, young, self-taught programmer.

The UNOFFICIAL Elan Paperless Data Viewer was inspired by an experimental PerkinElmer utility. However, it was limited to processing 100 samples and was slow and buggy. The UNOFFICIAL Elan Paperless Data Viewer overcomes these limitations.


Version History
Version 0.91--Released November 1, 2010
1. Bugfix: In some of the worksheets, the program did not process the last record.
2. Added support for multiple instances of the program (enabled by default, but can be turned off).
3. “freeze panes” automatically added to the saved Excel file.
4. Added support for additional fields (e.g. Batch ID and Sample Description).
5. Added the ability to toggle export of Batch ID and Sample Description.
6. Updated the report options template to support Batch ID and Sample Description.
7. Added a context menu to the grid to view the calibration details.

Version 0.90--Released July 14, 2010
1. First public release.

Version 0.80
1. Unreleased beta.


updated March 4, 2011



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