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Present Position

Lina Yuan 2010 – 2010   Process Manager, Proctor and Gamble (Ontario)

Stephanie Helmer
MSc thesis


2009 – 2009

Metal speciation and bioavailability in Pb in spiked soils (co-supervised with Dr. Göran Dave, Göteborg University)

Maternity Leave

Melanie Segado
Research Assistant

2009 – 2009

In situ methods for trace metal speciation in freshwaters

BSc student,
McGill University

Carla Doyle
Research Assistant

2009 – 2009

Towards an unbiased calibration method (co-supervised with Pritam Ranjan and Cliff Stanley)

BSc student,
Acadia University

Janice Chipman
Honours thesis

2008 – 2009

Partial extractions for studying metal speciation in soils

Student Work Abroad Program, Australia

Katelyn Sheehan
Honours thesis

2007 – 2009

Trace metal speciation in freshwaters using a novel microscale in situ passive sampler

MSc student,
University of Calgary

Alexander Graham Bell CGS 2009
Alberta Ingenuity Scholarship 2009
Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2009 (declined)



Amanda Webb
Honours thesis


2007 – 2009

A study of aquatic invasive species in Halifax Harbour: Taxonomy and elemental fingerprinting (co-supervised with Anna Redden)

Medical student, Dalhousie University

Scott Ryan
Lab Technician

2007 – 2008

Trace and ultratrace analysis
(co-supervised with J. Roff,
N. O’Driscoll, A. Redden)

Aquatic Science Technician,
Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Tammy Messier
Research Assistant

2007 – 2007

Environmental fate of carbon nanotubes

Process Applications Engineer, Imperial Oil

Amanda Chaulk
CHEM 3906 Research Project

2006 – 2007

Development of microscale in situ passive samplers for trace metal speciation in freshwaters

MSc student,
University of Manitoba

Joshua Baker
CHEM 3906 Research Project

2006 – 2007

Influence of pH on the speciation of aluminum in freshwaters

Analytical Chemistry,
Nautilus Environmental

Melanie Edwards
CHEM 3906 Research Project

2006 – 2007

Morphological characterization of airborne particulate matter by Scanning Electron Microscopy

Occupational Therapist

Ibraheem Gaabass
MSc student

2004 – 2006

Trace metal speciation: A multi-method approach

Researcher, Balsam International Health-care Company, Kuwait

Britt Turnquest
Research Assistant

2006 – 2006

Preliminary studies of ceramic disk samples

PhD student,
Florida International University

Yaoting Zhang
CHEM 3906 Research Project

2005 – 2006

Investigation of petroleum hydrocarbons in contaminated soil by solid phase microextraction

MSc student, Saint Mary’s University
Previously: Lab Technician,
AGAT Laboratories

Lindsay Stevenson
Acadia HSRA

2005 – 2005

Diffusion gradients in thin films for chemical speciation

Medical Doctor,

Because of their versatility in a wide variety of chemical reactions, many trace

Student Theses

Stephanie Hedrei Helmer. Ecotoxicological hazard assessment of an undisturbed zinc contaminated acidic soil. MSc Thesis (Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden), 2010. (Co-supervised with Dr. Göran Dave, Göteborg University).

Katelyn Sheehan. An investigation of trace metal speciation of natural waters using a novel in situ sampling device. Hon BSc Thesis (Chemistry), 2009.

Janice M Chipman. An investigation of partial extractions designed to solubilize lead and zinc in soils via a complexation desorption mechanism. Hon BSc Thesis (Chemistry), 2009. (Co-supervised with Dr. Cliff Stanley).

Amanda N Webb. Assessment of heavy metal contamination in Halifax Harbour using mussel and tunicate biomonitors and diffusive gradients in thin films. Hon BSc Thesis (Biology), 2009. (Co-supervised with Dr. Anna Redden).

Ibraheem Gaabass. Chemical speciation of Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cu(II) in solutions of humic acid: A multi-method approach. MSc thesis, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, 2006.


Student Oral Presentations

Amanda Isnor. Partial digestions of soil samples across a Pb-Zn deposit. Chemistry Co-op Showcase, Acadia University, Sep 14, 2009. (unfunded)

Katelyn Sheehan. Diffusive Gradients in Thin films for studying trace metal speciation. 33rd Annual Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences (APICS)/Canadian Institute of Chemistry (CIC) Undergraduate Chemistry Conference, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, May 8–10, 2008. (NSERC)

I Gaabass and JD Murimboh. A study of the lability of metal-humate complexes using Diffusion Gradients in Thin Films. 89th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Halifax, NS, May 27–31, 2006. Awarded Book Prize (Graduate Student Competition): IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology. (NSERC)

Y Zhang. Investigation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soils. 3rd APICS Environmental Studies Conference, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, March 24–26, 2006. (NSERC)


Student Poster Presentations

Biniam Bisrat, Cliff Stanley, and John Murimboh. Partial digestion geochemistry of Nova Scotia  soil  samples: monitoring digestion conditions to understand how samples leach. 2011 AGS Colloquium and Annual General Meeting, Fredericton, NB. February 11-13, 2011. (unfunded)

EV Chapman, S Hedrei Helmer, J Murimboh. G Dave. Evaluation of tests best suited for ecotoxicological and ecological hazard screening of Zn contaminated naturally acidic soil, SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting, Seville, Spain. May 23–27, 2010. (unfunded)

Emily Chapman, Göran Dave, John Murimboh. Ecotoxicological risk assessment of metal contaminated soil at two lighthouse sites in Atlantic Canada, SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden. May 31 – June 4, 2009. (NSERC)

Amanda Webb and John Murimboh. A kinetic study of trace metal complexation in freshwater systems. 33rd APICS/CIC Undergraduate Chemistry Conference, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, May 8–10, 2008. Awarded Best Undergraduate Poster or Oral Presentation that has Special Interest or Application to a Topic Specific to Nova Scotia. (NSERC)

B MacNeil, T Messier, NJ O'Driscoll, MD Robertson, J Murimboh. Suspension of carbon nanotubes in freshwaters: Effects of diameter and dissolved organic matter. 5th APICS Environmental Studies Conference, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, March 6–8, 2008. (NSERC)

Amanda Chaulk and John Murimboh. Development of an improved in situ device for monitoring trace metals in the aquatic environment. 32nd APICS/CIC Undergraduate Chemistry Conference, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, May 17–19, 2007. Awarded 2nd Prize (Undergraduate Poster Competition in Analytical/Physical/Theoretical Chemistry). (NSERC)

Melanie Edwards and John Murimboh. Characterization of air particulate matter from Radiological Dispersal Devices. 32nd APICS/CIC Undergraduate Chemistry Conference, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, May 17–19, 2007. Awarded 3rd Prize (Undergraduate Poster Competition in Analytical/Physical/Theoretical Chemistry). (CRTI)

among the different physical and chemical forms (i.e. chemical speciation) is therefore essential for predicting their environmental impacts.

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