I am a marine biologist (Ph.D.) and biostatistician (P.Stat.) with a variety of research interests. U. of Guelph was home for my undergraduate Honours, Acadia U. for an M.Sc. (under Mike Dadswell) and Memorial U. for my Ph.D. (with Joe Brown, r.i.p.); ah, yes, the east coast of Canada! Currently I am back with Acadia on faculty in the department of biology as an Adjunct Professor and Instructor. Interacting with students is a great way exercise the brain.

Technology and analysis techniques (statistics) play a significant role in most of my research projects, but not all. My research interests are broad covering ecology and pedagogy (an unexhausted list of projects are listed on the research page). If you are interested in graduate work or collaborating, drop me a line via email.

Come to Acadia!

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Statements worthy of repeating
"Every a$%hole who ever chanted 'Drill baby drill' should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty." -- Bill Maher