Current students
  • Kanika Anand (with H. Chipman) - M.Sc. Statistics
  • Mark Thomas(with H. Teismann) - M.Sc. Statistics
  • Andy Balzer (with R. Karsten) - M.Sc. Statistics
  • Matthew van Bommel (with H. Chipman) - B.Sc. Honours

Past students
  • Alex Traikov (MSc Statistics) - joined Spielo at Moncton
  • Mark Franey (MSc Statistics) - joined CSEC at Ottawa
  • Shujie Li (MSc Statistics) - joined PhD program at McGill

  • Neil Spencer (B.Sc. Honours - Math and Stats)
  • Blake MacDonald (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)
  • Corey Hodder (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)
  • David Ritcey (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)
  • Weiwei (Vivi) Wang (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)

  • Amanda Swan (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)
  • Amber Corkum (BSc. Honours - Math and Stats)

Some pics
Blake - best presentation award
Neil - best communication award
@ APICS (Science Atlantic conference) 2011
(L to R) Mark, Corey, Dave, Vivi and Alex
working on a group project

Students' Papers:
  • MacDonald, K.B., Ranjan, P. and Chipman, H. (2014), ``GPfit: An R Package for Gaussian Process Model Fitting using a New Optimization Algorithm" (submitted) [pdf, R-library: GPfit]

  • Spencer, N., Ranjan, P. and Mendivil, F. (2014) "Isomorphism Check for Two-level Star-based Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions", (submitted - under revision).

  • Ranjan, P. and Spencer, N. (2014), ``A Unified Approach to Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions" In Proceedings of the Eighth International Triennial Calcutta Symposium on Probability & Statistics, 2012, Kolkata, India (to appear). [pdf]

  • Butler, A., Haynes, R., Humphries, T.D., and Ranjan, P. (2014) "Efficient Optimization of the Likelihood Function in Gaussian Process Modeling", Comp. Statis. Data Anal., 73, 40--52.[pdf]

  • Franey, M., Ranjan, P. and Chipman, H. (2012), ``A Short Note on Gaussian Process Modeling for Large Datasets using Graphics Processing Units" (arXiv:1203.1269 [stat.CO])

  • Chipman, H., Ranjan, P. and Wang, W. (2012), ``Sequential Design for Computer Experiments with a Flexible Bayesian Additive Model" Canadian Journal of Statistics, 40(4), 663--678 [pdf]

  • Franey, M., Ranjan, P. and Chipman, H. (2011), ``Branch and Bound Algorithms for Maximizing Expected Improvement Functions" J. of Statistical Planning and Inference, 141, 42 - 55. [pdf]

  • Ritcey, D. and Ranjan, P. (2010), ``Statistical Models for the Banker's Offer in Deal or No Deal", The Atlantic Electronic Journal of Mathematics, 4, 1-22. [pdf]

Useful links for current honours students:
  • Honours Thesis template. Use "thesis1.tex" for one-supervisor option and "thesis2.tex" for two-supervisor option. Use "oneside" instead of "twoside" in the documentclass options if you like to print onesided thesis. You will have to use "PDF Latex" to compile the latex code.

  • Course outline / important deadlines and some tips

  • University page for undergraduate honours research

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