Selected Papers: [Asterisk (*) denote students]

  • Gramacy, R., Gray, G., Le Digabel, S., Lee, H., Ranjan, P., Wells, G., and Wild, S. (2015), ``Modeling an Augmented Lagrangian for Improved Blackbox Constrained Optimization", (submitted to Technometrics arXiv:1403.4890).

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  • Ranjan, P. and *Spencer, N. (2014), ``Space-filling Latin Hypercube Designs based on Randomization Restrictions in Factorial Experiments”, Statis. & Prob. Letters, 94, 239-247.[pdf]

  • Agarwal, R., and Ranjan, P. (2014). A New Tree-Based Classifier for Satellite Images. In J. Wang (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization (pp. 30-38). Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-5202-6.ch003 [download or email].

  • *Butler, A., Haynes, R., Humphries, T.D., and Ranjan, P. (2014) "Efficient Optimization of the Likelihood Function in Gaussian Process Modeling", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 73, 40--52. [pdf]

  • Bingham, D., Ranjan, P., and Welch, W. (2014) "Sequential design of computer experiments for optimization, estimating contours, and related objectives", Chapter 7 in - Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook. pp 109 -- 124. [pdf]

  • Ranjan, P. and Spencer, N. (2013), ``A Unified Approach to Factorial Designs with Ran- domization Restrictions” In Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin, Vol. 65 (Special 8th Triennial Symposium Proceedings Volume), Nos. 257-260, pp 43–62.[pdf]

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  • Ranjan, P. (2013), ``Comment: EI Criteria for Noisy Computer Simulators" – Discussion of `Quantile-Based Optimization of Noisy Computer Experiments with Tunable Precision' by Picheny, V., Ginsbourger, D., Richet, Y. and Caplin, G., Technometrics, 55(1),24-28.[pdf]

  • *Franey, M., Ranjan, P. and Chipman, H. (2012), ``A Short Note on Gaussian Process Modeling for Large Datasets using Graphics Processing Units" (arXiv:1203.1269 [stat.CO]).

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  • Ranjan, P., Bingham, D. and Dean, A. (2009), ``Existence and Construction of Randomization Defining Contrast Subspaces for Regular Factorial Designs", The Annals of Statistics, 37 (6A), 3580-99. [pdf]

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  • Ranjan, P., Bingham, D. and Michailidis, G. (2008), ``Sequential Experiment Design for Contour Estimation from Complex Computer Codes", Technometrics 50 (4), 527-541. [pdf, some Errata]

Posters: presented at conferences

  • Design and Analysis of Experiments (DAE) 2012, Athens, Georgia [pdf]

  • Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) meetings - 2009, Vancouver [pdf]

Ph.D. Thesis: Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions - A Projective Geometric Approach, Simon Fraser University. [pdf]



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