Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab

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K.C. Irving Center, Acadia University

Quantifying environmental processes that control the fate of mercury and other toxic chemicals in ecosystems

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Current Team Members
Sara Klapstein (Postdoctoral Fellow; former Ph.D. Student 2013-2017). NSERC CREATE Scholar and NSERC PGS Scholar

Sara's PhD is examined methyl mercury photodegradation  and carbon dynamics in Nova Scotia lakes. She is now working as a PDF in the lab examining mercury in lichens and mercury speciation in wetlands.

Jocelyn Kickbush (MSc. Biology; 2015-2017). KC Irving Scholar

Jocelyn is researching mercury speciation in response to biovectors and wetland restoration on Briar Island, Nova Scotia.


Image result for Ines Carvalho ISTInes Carvalho (MSc. Env. Engineering; 2017-2018).
Ines is examining mercury binding to lichens to better understand their use as passive air samplers. She is co-supervised by Dr. Joao Canario at IST in Portugal.
Haley Geizer (BSc; Summer assistant; 2017)

Haley will be working with Rachel Clarke and several other students to help collect field samples and prepare them for analysis.
tl_files/sites/financialaid/resources/images/Scholarship Winners/1.pngRachel Clarke (BSc Honours; 2015-2017). BSc Irving Scholar

Rachel is helping with field and laboratory research during the summer of 2016. She will begin hoours research in 2017 in the O'Driscoll lab. She has an interest in mercury in biota.
Cardy Saunders (BSc honours Biology; 2016-2017)

Cardy is researching the distribution of mercury in lichens across Nova Scotia and spatial mapping with GIS.
Rute Cesario (PhD student, IST, Portugal)

Rute is examining mercury speciation and distribution in the Tagus Estuary.
Patricia Kowlski (PDF, U Aveiro, Portugal)

Patricia was a visiting researcher in our lab during the summer of 2015. She is examining mechanisms of mercury bioaccumulation in fish.
Kelly Stevens (Research Technician; 2016-2017).

Kelly is a part-time technician (summer) in the environmental biogeochemistry lab.




Tom Sizmur (Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2012)

Tom was a postdoctoral fellow in our group in 2011 coming from Reading University in the UK. His research with us focused on mercury accumulation in polycheate worms. He is now a professor at Reading University in the UK.

Dr. Joao Canario (Visiting Scientist


Dr. Canario  collaborated on many projects examining mercury speciation in coastal wetland sediments and vegetation. He is now a senior research scientist at IST in Lisbon, Portugal.

 Thora Christensen (B.Sc. honours Student; 2015-2016)

Thora examined seasonal  changes in photoreactions of mercury in Kejimkujik Lakes.
Thora graduated and is now traveling and working.

Ravinder Pannu (Ph.D. Student 2009-2012) U. Sask.

Ravinder examined soil characteristics and mercury emissions to the atmosphere. Collaborators include Natural Resources Canada and Environment Canada. Ravinder was co-supervised by Dr. Steven Siciliano (Soil Science at U Sask).Dr. Pannu is now working with an agricultural research group in Alberta as a research coordinator.

Asif Qureshi (Ph.D. Student 2008-2010) ETH

Dr. Qureshi performed controlled experiments to create a quantitative model of mercury oxidation and reduction in ocean water. This is a component of a global mercury model for ocean -air exchange.

Dr. Qureshi is now a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Erin Mann (Ph.D. Student 2011-2014)

Erin is examining mercury speciation in snow and snow melt. She is co-supervised by Susan Ziegler at Memorial University (PhD Environmental Science) and is part of the NSERC CREATE program. Erin is now a postdoctoral fellow at John Jay College in New York City with Dr. Carpi.

Hilary White (M.Sc. Student 2010-2012)

Hilary examined the paleolimnology of lakes in the Tantramar Marsh region. Focusing on the dynamics of carbon, mercury and other temporal indicators. Hilary was co-supervised by Dr. Ian Spooner (Earth Science at Acadia) and David Risk(Earth Science at St FX) and was part of the NSERC CREATE program.  Hilary is now a PhD candidate at Wilfred Laurier U.

Emma Vost (M.Sc. Student 2009-2012) NSERC Alexander Graham Bell NSERC CGS-M Scholar

Emma is examining mercury photo-reduction and photo-oxidation in freshwater lakes in Kejimkujik Park and across Canada to determine their sensitivity to mercury inputs. Emma is now a field biologist  with the NS Department of Natural Resources.

Samuel Edmonds (M.Sc. Student 2008-2010)

Sam examined the relationship between mercury speciation in wetlands and mercury concentrations in rusty blackbirds (a rapidly declining wetland species. Sam now works with an environmental consulting agency after working with the BioDiversity Research Institute as an associate biologist.

Stephanie Rogers (M.Sc. Student 2009-2010) NSERC Alexander Graham Bell NSERC CGS-M Scholar

Stephanie examined the use of a fluorescence based LIDAR system for examining water quality. She was co-supervised by Tim Webster and at AGRG. Dr. Rogers completed a PhD at U Fribourg and is an instructor at U Alabama.  

Gordon McArthur (M.Sc. Student 2009-2012) - St. FX

Gordon was co-supervised by Dr. Risk and Dr. Belltrami at St. FX and examined both mercury and green house gas fluxes from salt marsh ecosystems. Gordon is now president of EcoSense Inc.

Sara Justino (M.Sc. Student 20013-2014) - Institute Superio Technico (Lisbon)

Sara was cosupervised by Dr. Canario and examined mercury flux from salt marsh vegetation in the mercury polluted Tagus Estuary in Portugal. Sara is now travelling and working in Portugal.

Amy Buckland - Nicks (Undergraduate Honours Student 2010-2011) NSERC USRA Scholar

Amy completed her ENVS honours researching mercury accumulation in dragonflies with life history co-supervised by Dr. Kirk Hillier (Biology, Acadia). Amy completed a MES degree at Dalhousie University.

Amy Larkin (Undergraduate Honours Student 2010-2011)

Amy completed her Biology honours investigating mercury toxicity effects on damsel flies in Kejimkujik Park co-supervised by Dr. Kirk Hillier (Biology, Acadia). Amy recently completed the veterinary medicine program at U Calgary.

Jillian Hanmore  (B.Sc. Honours Student 2009-2010) NSERC USRA Scholar

Jill examined mercury volatilization from soils across Canada in response to solar radiation using a controlled lab technique. Jill is working at the Bedford Institute of Oceanographs

Jennifer Herrick (B.Sc. Honours Student 2008-2009)

Jennifer examined mercury deposition in North America between 1998-2008 and relationships with atmospheric chemistry and emission reduction policies.

Sarah Haverstock (B.Sc. Honours Student 2008-2009) NSERC USRA Scholar

Sarah examined the photo-oxidation of dissolved organic matter by ultra-violet radiation in freshwater lakes. Sarah is currently working in Environmental Education.

Adam Godfrey (Co-Op Student; Honours Candidate 2011-2013)

Adam worked with our group in the summer of 2011 to help with lab and field work. He is currently writing his ENVS honours thesis on mercury speciation with wetland reclamation in Beaubessain, NB.   

Lilianne Arsenault (Research Associate 2011-2012)

Lili examined mercury speciation in Arctic Polynya's.

She now works and lives in the Arctic

Tammy Messier (B.Sc. Student Researcher 2007-2008)

Tammy examined factors controlling carbon nanotube (CNT) suspension in freshwaters. She completed the engineering program at Dalhousie.

Scott Ryan (Lab Technician 2007-2008)

Scott was a lab technician performing nutrient analyses with the Estuarine Center at Acadia through my lab. He currently has a technician position with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

Ben Callahan (Summer Student; honours Candidate 2012-2013)

Ben was cosupervised by Mark Mallory and is examined mercury in Canadian Arctic marine bird species to see if differences among Hg speciation in feathers mirror differences among eggs. Ben is currently a MSc student at UBC.

James Kuchta (Research Assistant 2010-2013)

James is examined the association between atmospheric aerosol LIDAR measurements and on ground air quality readings in the Annapolis Valley. James was co-supervised by Mark Gibson (Dalhousie) and Kevin Strawbridge (Environment Canada)

Carlos Monteiro (MSc; IST Portugal)

Carlos examined mercury speciation in the sediments of the Tagus estuary in Lisbon. He was supervsied by Dr. Canario. He is now working on a PhD at IST in lisbon.


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