Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab

Part of C.A.R.E.

K.C. Irving Center, Acadia University

Quantifying environmental processes that control the fate of mercury and other toxic chemicals in ecosystems

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Mercury Analysis

Total Mercury in Solids (Tissue, Soil, Vegetation)  $50/sample

Total Mercury in Water $75/sample

Methyl Mercury Extraction and Analysis in Fish and Tissue $150/sample

Methyl Mercury Extraction and Analysis in Sediments $175/sample

Methyl Mercury Extraction and Analysis in Water $175/sample

Dissolved Gaseous Mercury analysis $100/sample

Mercury in Air Analysis on site $500/hour (4 hour minimum) + transportation costs

Note that prices are for typical samples and may be higher for difficult matrices or if method development is required. Sample preparation (drying, homogenization, filtration, or preservation) at extra cost. Prices do not include overhead costs. Please  contact our lab for a quote and details of analysis, QA/QC, and sample preparation.

Water Quality Analysis

Dissolved Organic / Inorganic Carbon Analysis $20/sample (freshwater)

NOTE we are currently not analyzing high salt content (halogen content) samples. But we are open to discussion on pricing.

Other lab analyses available by request: Irradiance Scans (UVB, UVA, visible spectrum), YSI Multiprobe (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, Redox) 



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