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Quantifying environmental processes that control the fate of mercury and other toxic chemicals in ecosystems

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Lab Photo Album

Have a look at photos from our lab group and recent research projects (place cursor over photo to see caption; click photo to see full size).


Winter samplingThora sampling in Keji

Sara presenting her work at CEW 2016Cardy Saunders presents his work on mercury in lichens at Science AtlanticThora Chistensen and Sara Klapstein at Science Atlantic. Sara wins the science communications awardSara sampling in kejiSara Klapstein

Sara at ICMGP in KoreaSara at ICMGPDr. O'Driscoll sampling on Briar IslandDr. O'Driscoll sampling lichensErin Mann Irradiating Snowmelt with UV radiation

Flux System in Arctic TentBlowing Snow at Resolute BayErin Sampling Arctic Snowpack 2013Arctic fox messing with our siteErin SamplingPolar Bear

 Dr. O'Driscoll in Arctci Sample filtratrion at the cabin   DGTs suspended in water by float  Close up of mercury DGT device  Erin holding string of DGT devices in Keji  

 Snow SamplingClean Suits are all the Rage in High Arctic FashionErin Draggin Sled in ArcticErin in Parka (-50C)Attenuation in snow readingsArctic Fox

Tom Examining Cores     Mudflat sampling

Amy L and Amy B Graduate  Mudflat worm sampling  ENVSField School 2010Adam Godfrey Sectioning Sediments in Glovebox


Lab News

May 1, 2017: Welcome to new lab members: Ines Carvalho (IST, Lisbon, Portugal) working on her MSc project examining lichens; Rachel Clarke working on her BSc honours examining mercury in invertebrates in Keji; and summer field assistant Haley Geizer. 

November 2016: Most of the O'Driscoll lab attends SETAC World meeting in Orlando Florida. Sara Klapstein, Jocelyn Kickbush, Cardy Saunders, and alumni Erin Mann all presented their current mercury research in a session co-chaired by Dr. O'Driscoll and lab alumni Dr. Sizmur. Co-Chair Dr. Cai will be organizing a special journal issue based on this session.

October 2016: Sara Klapstein, a PhD candidate in Dr. O’Driscoll’s Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab, attended the 43rd Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop in Edmonton - September 25-28th. This was a great networking experience with ecotoxicologists all across Canada. She attended several mentor events and discussed her research with industry and federal scientists alike! Sara co-chaired a session and discussion panel: “Effective Communication in Ecotoxicology” with Guy Gilron ( which focused on effective presentation styles and bridging the gap between public and scientific understanding. She also received an award for her poster presentation: “Risk of methylmercury exposure in freshwater lakes".

June 2016: Sara presents her research at the Canadian Society of Chemistry Conference in Halifax.

June 2016: Dr. O'Driscoll presents Dr. Sizmur and Adam Godfrey's recently published research at the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership Meeting in Fredericton, NB.

May 2016: Sara Klapstein, Jocelyn Kickbush, and Dr. O'Driscoll travel to Nantes, France for SETAC Europe. Sara and Jocelyn present their research in a session chaired by Dr. O'Driscoll.

April, 2016: Congratulations to Hannah Blanchard on receiving a NSERC PGS scholarship for her MSc work on mercury in Biota starting this year. Welcome to the group Hannah!

March, 2016: The Canadian National Risk assessment for mercury is released. Dr. O'Driscoll is chapter coordinator and co-author on several chapters. Summary Link Here: Mercury Assessment

March, 2016: Sara, Jocelyn, Thora, and Cardy all present their research at Science Atlantic Environment and Biology conferences. Great work everyone!

November, 2015: Sara Klapstein and Dr. O'Driscoll co-chair a mercury session at SETAC North America in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

October, 2015: Dr. O'Driscoll and Dr. Walker receive funding from the Authur L. Irving Family Foundation to fund a study on mercury accumulation in lichens and fungi.

October, 2015: Congratulations to Sara Klapstein on receiving the TD Bursary for Environmental Study through Memorial University.

October, 2015: A meeting of the Briar Island wetland restoration group is hosted by Dr. O'Driscoll at Acadia.

September, 2015: Congratulations to Erin Mann on securing a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Carpi in New York City. Best of luck Dr. Mann with your future mercury research and career!

July, 2015: Welcome to Patricia Kowalski (PDF; U Averiro) who was visiting our lab to work on methylmercury toxciokinetics in fish brains.

July, 2015: Dr. O'Driscoll has started a collaboration with Dr. Mallory and Nick Hill examining the restoration of Big Meadow Bog on Briar Island. Initial samples were collected for the MSc project of Jocelyn Kickbush (starting this September).

June, 2015: Dr. O'Driscoll collected Lichen samples to analyze spatial distribution in Nova Scotia in collaboration with Dr. Rob Cameron and Dr. Walker.

June, 2015: Dr. O'Driscoll, Dr. Canario, and Sara Klapstein have had two mercury sessions accepted at SETAC Salt Lake City. Both an oral session and poster session has been filled. Will be a great time this November in Utah!

June, 2015: Sara Klapstein presented her research at the International Mercury Conference in Korea. (See Pictures)

May, 2015: Congratulations to Sara Klapstein on receiving an NSERC Doctoral Scholarship. Sara also received a environmental Scholarship from MUN! Way to go Sara!

May, 2015: Congratulations to Erin Mann on successfully defending her PhD dissertation at MUN!

February, 2015: Dr. O'Driscoll welcomes Thora Christensen to lab to work on her summer BSc project and aid Sara in the field.

November, 2014: Sara Klapstein and Erin Mann present their research at SETAC Vancouver in a session chaired by Dr. O'Driscoll.

August, 2014: Congratulations to Sara Justino on successfully defending her MSc thesis on mercury flux in the Tagus Estuary

March, 2013: Dr. O'Driscoll awarded Harrison McCain visitorship to work with Dr. Canario in Lisbon, Portugal for 2013-2014 sabbatical.

March, 2013: Dr. O'Driscoll's NSERC Discovery grant is renewed for another 5 years. Thank you NSERC!

March, 2013: Erin and Adam present their research at the Science Atlantic Conference hosted at Acadia University. Adam wins oral presentation award. Congrats!

December, 2012: Congratulations to Ravinder on Successfully defending his PhD dissertation. Best of luck Dr. Pannu!

November, 2012: Erin Mann and Adam Godfrey present their research at SETAC North America in Long Beach California, USA. Erin gives a platform and poster presentation on her work on mercury in Arctic snow. Adam presents a poster on his work concerning mercury in reclaimed salt marshes. Dr. O'Driscoll chairs the mercury session with Dr. Poulain and Dr. Canario.

November, 2012: Dr. O'Driscoll presents summary of groups research at 1st annual MTRI research confernce.  

September, 2012:  Welcome to Sara Klapstein who will official join the group in January once all the paperwork is sorted! Sara's PhD  will examine mercury and green house gas linkages to carbon in Cape Breton wetlands.

September, 2012: MacLean's Magazine drops by the lab for photos of Erin Mann's research for inclusion in upcoming universities issue.

July, 2012: Stephanie Rogers' Research on fluorescence LIDAR for DOC quantification in Lakes is chosen to be highlighted in Coastal and Esutarine Science News. Conrats Steph!

July, 2012: Dr. O'Driscoll with help of Erin Mann trials DGT devices in lakes of Kejimkujik Park. Collaboration with Dr. Murimboh. See pictures to the Left!

May, 2012: The Northern Contaminants Program awards $38,000 to Dr. O'Driscoll to support Erin Mann's Arctic research on mercury in snow.

May, 2012: Dr. O'Driscoll is awarded a renewal of his Canada Research Chair ($500,000).

May, 20112: Welcome to Ben Callahan who will be working with our lab this summer on his BSc research co supervised by Mark Mallory.

April, 2012: Congratulations to Emma Vost on successfully defending her M.Sc. thesis!

April, 2012: Stephanie Rodgers' paper is accepted by journal Estuaries and Coasts. Congrats Steph!

March, 2012: Sarah Haverstock's BSc thesis work on DOC photo-degradation is accepted for publication by the journal Chemosphere. Congrats.

March, 2012: Erin Mann heads to Resolute Bay to sample snow for her PhD project. Insanely cold weather and airlines complicate the trip but things go well. See pictures to the left!

November, 2011: Tom Sizmur, Ravinder Pannu, and Sam Edmonds present their research in Mercury session chaired by Dr. O'Driscoll and Jane Kirk at SETAC North America in Boston, MA. Erin Mann also attends and has meetings with Asif Qureshi at Harvard U.

September, 2011: Tom Sizmur presents his research on mercury accumulation in polycheate worms at the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership Conference.

September, 2011: Welcome to new PhD students Lilianne Arsenault and Erin Mann who will be research ring aspects of the Arctic mercury cycle.

September, 2011: Dr. O'Driscoll joins Portuguese-based research teams investigating salt marsh mercury flux over the next 3 years.



August, 2011: O'Driscoll Lab members present at Global Mercury Conference in Halifax. Public info session slides here.

June, 2011: Northern Contaminants Program funds work on mercury in Arctic snow in O'Driscoll Lab.

May , 2011: Dr. O'Driscoll and Mercury Lab interview of Breakfast Television: Video LINK

April, 2011: Ducks Unlimited funds work on mercury in polycheate worms in O'Driscoll Lab.

April, 2011: New postdoctoral fellow Tom Sizmur visits O'Driscoll lab (funded by British Ecological Society) to examine mercury accumulation polycheate worms in the Minas Basin.

March, 2011: Dr. O'Driscoll joins PROFLUX team to research mercury dynamics in polluted salt marshes in Portugal.


March, 2011: Sam Edmonds (MSc), as well as Amy Buckland (BSc) and Amy Larkin (BSc) defend their theses. Congratulations!

March, 2011: Sam Edmonds work on rusty blackbirds shows up in On-Nature article:


February, 2011: Ravinder Pannu wins best presentation prize at the AGS conference in Fredericton, NB for his work on mercury volatilization from soil. Congrats Ravinder!

December, 2010: Sam Edmonds wins 1st place for best student platform presentation ($300 prize) from SETAC North America. Congrats Sam!

November, 2010: Sam Edmonds, Ravinder Pannu, and Dr. O'Driscoll present their research at SETAC North America in Portland Oregon. Dr. O'Driscoll co-chairs mercury sessions with Dr. Jane Kirk (Environment Canada).

October, 2010:  Welcome to Hilary White who joins our group. Hilary is co-supervised by Ian Spooner and is working on the Limnology of Tantramar lakes for her MSc in Geology.

October, 2010: Center for Analytical Research on the Environment (CARE) is established bringing together the contaminant labs in the KC Irving Center including the Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab.

October, 2010: Dr. O'Driscoll receives funding from Environment Canada for research in support of air quality LIDAR equipment.

September, 2010: Dr. O'Driscoll gives invited talk at UNB Fredericton

May, 2010: Dr O'Driscoll is a visiting researcher at IPIMAR in Portugal collaborating with Dr. Canario and hosting the trace metals session at SETAC Europe (Seville, Spain).

May, 2010: O'Driscoll lab graduates Jillian Hanmore (Honours BSc) and Stephanie Rogers (MSc) convocation.

May, 2010: NSERC CREATE grant awarded for ~$1.7 Million to 8 researchers including Dr. O'Driscoll (P.I. Dr. Belltrami). Dr. O'Driscoll to collaborate as part of group to train students in climate change impacts and adaptation.

April, 2010: Sam Edmonds paper on mercury in Rusty Blackbirds accepted for publication in Condor. Congrats Sam!

April, 2010: Amy Buckland Nicks receives NSERC USRA for her work on mercury accumulation in dragonflies.

April, 2010: New grants from Ducks Unlimited Canada, Environment Canada, and Natural Resources Canada received. Also new funding from Acadia Research Fund.

January, 2010: Our Carbon Nanotube research interview posted in Water Canada:  http://watercanada.net/2010/playing-catch-up/

January, 2010: Congratulations to Sam Edmonds and Jillian Hanmore who both won student presentation awards from the SETAC North America conference this past November in New Orleans.

December, 2009: New LIDAR air quality system is installed in collaboration with Environment Canada (Dr. Kevin Strawbridge - lead researcher). Newspaper article and radio articles below:



November, 2009: Discovery awards video is posted on-line:


November, 2009: Emma, Sam, and Jill present their research at SETAC North America (New Orleans, USA)  in special mercury session co-chaired by Dr. O'Driscoll.

November, 2009: Asif Qureshi's publication on mercury reduction and oxidation in ocean water is accepted for publication in Environmental Science and Technology.

October, 2009: John Hill's publication on mercury binding to DOC is accepted for publication in Science of the Total Environment.

September, 2009: Welcome to PhD student Ravinder Pannu to the O'Driscoll lab. Ravinder will be co-supervised by Dr. Siciliano at U Sask.

August, 2009: Dr. O'Driscoll nominated for Emerging Professional Award by Discovery Center

August, 2009: Mercury book proposal accepted by John Wiley and Sons to be co-edited by Drs Cai, Liu, and O'Driscoll

July, 2009: Carbon nanotube paper is accepted for publication in Water, Air and Soil Pollution. (See Dr. O'Driscoll publications)

July, 2009: Dr. O'Driscoll and lab group collaborate with Environment Canada and St. Francis Xavier to measure mercury flux and green house gases movements on Kingsport salt marsh. Continuous readings for 10 days. See pictures in album.

June, 2009: Amy Buckland and Dr. O'Driscoll return to Gagetown for post-spraying measurements in experimental amphibian ponds.

June, 2009: Gordon McArthur begins mesocosm experiments in KC Irving Center. Replicating tidal cycle on salt marsh to examine variations in  flux of green house gases.

May, 2009: Dr. O'Driscoll presents salt marsh research at Bay of Fundy Ecosystem conference at Acadia.

May, 2009: Emma Vost and Dr. O'Driscoll perform water sampling in Kejimkujik Park, NS. Environment Canada funded project to examine photo-chemical processes in lakes affecting mercury retention and loss. (aee pictures in album)

May, 2009:  Amy Buckland and Dr. O'Driscoll collaborate with researchers examining the effects of glyphosate and UV radiation on amphibian development in large ecosystem experiment in Gagetown, NB (see pictures in album).

April 2009: Congratulations to Stephanie Rogers on being awarded an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell CGS-M graduate scholarship worth $17,500 for her work on fluorescence LIDAR and dissolved organic matter. This prestigious scholarship is for the top ranked NSERC PGS-M applicants. Way to go Stephanie!

April 2009: Congratulations to Emma Vost on being awarded an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell CGS-M graduate scholarship worth $17,500 for her work on mercury photo-reactions. This prestigious scholarship is for the top ranked NSERC PGS-M applicants. Way to go Emma!

April 2009: Welcome to Stephanie Rogers (M.Sc. student-AGRG), Gordon McArthur (M.Sc. student - StFX), and Amy Buckland Nicks (Summer assistant) to the lab group (see current group pictures)!

March 2009: Jennifer, Sarah, Sam, and Emma present their research at the APICS ENVS conference at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Sarah wins "best student presentation award" at APICS (See Pictures to Left).

March 2009: Jill Hanmore awarded NSERC USRA to work on mercury volatilization from soils this summer.

March 2009: Dr. O'Driscoll received funding from Natural Resources Canada (and CARA program) to develop techniques to measure mercury volatilization potential from soils. 

March, 2009: Sarah Haverstock, Jen Herrick, Sam Edmonds, Emma Vost and others to present research at APICS Environmental Science conference at UNB Fredericton.

January, 2009: Welcome Jill Hanmore to the group who will be examining mercury volatilization from soil as her honours thesis.

January, 2009: New course on Contaminants in the Environment (ENVS 3613/ CHEM 4823) is taught by Dr. O'Driscoll.

November, 2008: Welcome to Emma Vost, current lab technician and MSc student starting in 2009. Dr. O'Driscoll chairs mercury sessions at SETAC North America and provides invited talk at Florida International University. Sam Edmonds presents newest mercury in blackbird research at rusty blackbird conference.

September, 2008: Welcome to Sam Edmonds new M.Sc. student  examining mercury concentrations in blackbirds and relationships to wetland water chemistry.

July, 2008: Installation and training for Brooks Rand Methyl Mercury and Total Mercury analysis system in O'Driscoll Lab.

June, 2008: Dr. O'Driscoll teams with researchers from Environment Canada and St. Francis Xavier to examine mercury and green house gas emissions from salt marsh (see Lab Photo album).

June, 2008: Dr. O'Driscoll chairs mercury session at ALSO meeting in St. John's Newfoundland.

June, 2008: Welcome to Asif Qureshi a visiting PhD student from ETH Zurich examining mercury redox reactions and global modeling of oceans.

June, 2008: New publication in ES&T on mercury in frozen lakes.

April, 2008: Dr. O'Driscoll receives funding from Clean Air Regulatory Act (Environment Canada) to study mercury photo-reactions in Lakes.

March, 2008: Sarah Haverstock awarded NSERC Undergraduate Research Award to examine dissolved organic carbon photo-oxidation.

March, 2008: Dr. O'Driscoll's NSERC Discovery grant is funded for $120,000 over a five year period to examine mercury photo-chemical reactions and the role of dissolved organic matter

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