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Dr. Matthew Lukeman
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Acadia University

BSc 1999 (St. Francis Xavier University)
PhD 2003 (University of Victoria)
NSERC PDF 2004-2005 (University of Ottawa)

Group News

June 30, 2009
MSc student Aron Roxin successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations Aron!

June 20, 2007
Dr. Lukeman's CFI application is approved! CFI has agreed to provide $128,893 toward the creation of a Laboratory for the Photosciences in support of Dr. Lukeman's research program. The total project cost is $322,233. This grant will allow renovation of the laboratory space and purchase of a Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), a YAG laser for time-resolved studies of transient species, and time-resolved and steady-state fluorescence spectrometers.

June 1, 2007
Honours student Matt Yorke takes home first prize in the organic section of the Undergraduate poster competition at the 90th Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) Canadian Conference and Exhibition in Winnipeg, MB. The title of Matt's talk was "New Nitrophenyl Photocages". Matt is now a graduate student at the University of Ottawa working with Dr. Tito Scaiano.

April 1, 2007
A Collaborative Health Research Project (CHRP) co-funded by NSERC and CIHR entitled "Novel biomaterials and photocages with anti-viral activity for transplantation" is funded over three years with a total project cost of $417,454. Dr. Matt Lukeman is listed as a collaborator on the project.

March 27, 2007
NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grant valued at $148,500 is awarded to Acadia Chemistry researchers. The application was spearheaded by Dr. Sherri McFarland, with Drs. Matt Lukeman, Rob Gossage, Amitabh Jha, and John Murimboh co-applicants. The award will allow the purchase of steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence equipment with NIR detection, specialized for detection of photoinduced DNA damage. The equipment is expected to be installed in August 2007.