This research bibliography began as part of the Canada Fitness and Lifestyle Institute funded project "The Impact of Advocates for National Recreation Services in Canada in the 1930's." When that project was completed, it became apparent that the substantial number of references should be put into a format that could receive distribution throughout the community of sport and recreation history researchers. Thus, the decision was made to put the bibliography on the World Wide Web through my home page.

The bibliography that follows contains references gleaned from other authors' reference lists, literature searches on various databases and an examination of contemporary journals of the 1920's and 1930's. The bibliography is divided into two sections: contemporary accounts and reviews. The contemporary accounts are from the time period of the CFLRI funded research, namely the 1930's, with some contributions from the 1920's that help to explain actions taken in the 1930's. The reviews of primary or secondary source material include articles, conference presentations, theses, dissertations and books that have been produced in the past five decades.

Bibliographies such as this one are continually growing. One of the benefits of using the World Wide Web to distribute the bibliography is that it can be periodically updated. Thus, the bibliography will grow as new items or amended ones can be brought to my attention. This version of the bibliography was completed on June 13, 2002.

Several students have worked on this project over the years. Most recently, Ginger Derochie, a graduate student in Recreation Management worked on updating the 1997 version of the bibliography. Nathan Allen improved the appearance and usefulness of the bibliography on the web as part of his summer work with the Acadia Institute for Teaching and Technology.

Acadia University library staff, most recently Tanja Harrison, have helped with database searches.

The original funding for the research was from the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute. Funding for various updates has been provided through the Acadia University SSHRC Grants. Both SSHRC Small University Grants and Institutional Grants have supported the student research assistance and purchased various versions of the EndNote bibliographic database computer software.

The database for this bibliography was prepared using the EndNote reference database and bibliography maker.

I must accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in this bibliography - if you find any please email me at

The Research Bibliography

Contemporary Accounts