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About Score list

Score list is an unmoderated forum established to facilitate communication and discussion concerning notation, music composition, publishing, and editing, as well as about the use of the music desktop publshing program Score.

Score list is open to anyone.

Score list welcomes in particular the participation of composers, music editors, librarians, instructors, publishers, and others active in the production and use of music scores and notation.  Score also welcomes the participation of representatives of vendors and utilities.

As an alternative, there is a Score-Digest.  This delivers a collection of  a day's messages normally once per day.

Subscribing to Score Users' List

To subscribe to Score list, send email to: score-request @

with the following command in the body of the message:

subscribe nodigest address=<your.address@xxx.yyy>     [to subscribe to the normal subscription of single messages]
[omit the <> brackets around your address]
subscribe digest address=<your.address@xxx.yyy>     [to subscribe to the daily digest]
[omit the <> brackets around your address]    

Alternatively, to subscribe to Score or to Score-Digest, send an e-mail message to gordon.callon @

If you encounter any problems in subscribing or sending messages to the list, send an email message to the list owner  (gordon.callon @

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