Score Preview: A Viewer for Score Music Files

Score Preview (SCORPREV 3.11SP) is a shareware Viewer for Score Music Files.
Download: SCORPREV.ZIP (523kb)

SCORPREV may be downloaded free of charge.
Score Preview also may be obtained by mail directly from San Andreas Press (for a small handling charge—contact San Andreas Press at the following address): [Although free of charge, the program is not freeware. Score Preview and downloaded files remain the property of San Andreas Press.]

This program may be copied and used by anyone, with the stipulation that any commercial or for-profit use must be specifically licensed by San Andreas Press.

Important Note: Please read the entire document, README, before installing the Score Preview system on your computer.

Score Preview is a DOS program designed for screen viewing, playing through a standard MIDI system, and PostScript printing of pages of music prepared by the Score music publishing system.
A utility for dot matrix printers (IBM Proprinter or EPSON format) is available from San Andreas Press (for a small handling charge—details are contained in the README file).

Score Preview may be downloaded in two ways:

  1. As a ZIP file: SCORPREV.ZIP (523kb)
  2. As five separate files: README [a text file (9kb)], SCORE1.EXE (225kb), SCORE2.EXE (295kb), SETUP-A.BAT (1kb), SETUP-B.BAT (1kb)

SCORPREV.ZIP includes the five files listed as number 2.
To extract the files, you will need a copy of PKZip, WinZip, or another ZIP file utility.

The README file provides details about using Score Preview: File Types, Printing, Installing SCORPREV, Saving Files in the Preview/Print Format, Archiving Score Files, Memory Concerns (SCORPREV requires about 540,000 bytes of free memory to run correctly), and Mouse Usage.

Score is the creation of Leland Smith, lifetime professional musician and Professor Emeritus of Music at Stanford University.
It is the original fully computerized music printing system. The first printings from Score appeared in 1971. The program has been running on the PC platforms since 1986. Score is now being used by most of the world's leading music publishers.

Score is a registered trademark of the
San Andreas Press, a California corporation.

Copyright 1995-1998 by
San Andreas Press
P.O. Box 60247
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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