Franklin Mendivil


BSCE (Civil Engineering), MS, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Office:  Huggins Science Hall, Room 165
  • Phone:  (902) 585-1368
  • Fax:  (902) 585-1074
  • Office Hours:  TBA
  • Email:

Research Stuff

I have a (sorta) up to date version of my CV if you are interested. These (mostly) have to do with fractals and their applications in imaging.  I started out working in topology, so that explains the two papers on compactifications.  I still fiddle around with it every now and again.  I also have done some work in genetic algorithms and other types of stochastic methods for global optimization.

Other Stuff

Explorations in Monte Carlo Methods is a textbook I wrote with Ron Shonkwiler and it was recently published by Springer in their Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics series.

Fractal-based methods in analysis is a research monograph that I wrote with Herb Kunze, Davide La Torre and Edward Vrscay. It was just recently released by Springer.

Triangles puzzle

International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science