DAVE SHUTLER - Info for prospective students or employees

Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, Acadia University, 
Wolfville, NS, Canada  B4P 2R6
Phone disconnected; FAX 902-585-1059
dave.shutler [at] acadiau.ca

Greetings, and thanks for your interest in Team Shutler and our research.  Although I am retired, I will maintain an active research program until at least end of April 2026, when my current NSERC ends.

Whether you are looking for summer work or a degree, much of what is below applies to you.  If just work, you may want to apply the data you collect to funnel towards a degree (BSc (Hons), or MSc).

To pursue a degree or to work in my lab, I have money to support student research.  However, I usually have a large pool of applicants.  So unless you bring a scholarship, have an already-funded project, or want to help write grants to fund your degree, opportunities will be competitive.  

Assuming that funding has been worked out, to help me decide whether I should take you on, it would help to have as much info as possible about you.  So, a cover letter that explains your interests (I don't expect you to have a clear project yet, just a general idea of the questions and organisms that turn your crank), a vitae providing references, and a copy of your (unofficial) transcripts would be useful.  Also, tell me what you hope to gain from a degree, and what your career aspirations are.  I am happy to accept this info in attachment files, emails, or hard copies.  If you email me and do not hear from me within a week, this may be because spam-filters have prevented your email from reaching me.

I am interested in students that are academically self-motivated, broadly trained in evolution and ecology, curious, in good physical condition, and committed.  It would be helpful, but not essential, that you have well-developed statistical and computer skills, and working knowledge of stats software.

If we remain interested in each other after all this, ideally, it would be best if you could visit Acadia, or be present when I give a seminar somewhere, so that we can sit down and chat.  I recognise that this is not always possible, so the next best thing is a virtual meeting, followed by email, followed by regular mail.

A necessary hurdle for MSc wanna-bes is to make formal applications to Graduate Studies by 1 February (this deadline is not carved in stone).  A copy of MSc applications should be sent to our graduate rep in this department (currently Mark Mallory), indicating that you have been in contact with me, and that you have also applied to grad studies.  The rep will forward your application to me, and I will then be forced to make a decision.

If all these hurdles are met, I hope we can find some mutual research interests.  Lastly, if there's info you wanted but couldn't find on these web-pages, please lemme know.



Updated  Jul 2023