Dave Shutler's curious personality.

The spawn of Medusa and Neptune!

Style is my middle name.

(Photo by Jessie Malone)

(Photo by Bernard Glover)
One of my many responsibilities is daring field work.  Our objective was a red-tailed hawk nest that used to grace a choice spot on University Hall.  The effort was for naught; the nest was empty.  The major disappointment was that my camera failed to document the non-event.  Fortunately, reporter Mullie was able to capture the action from below.

This sketch during a game of Pictionary was identified (correctly) as me in seconds.
(Artwork by Sophie Czetwertynski)


Me being philosophical in the Arctic. 
(photo by Adele Mullie)

Giving a poster presentation at the American Society of Parasitologists meeting in Halifax, August 2003.

(photo by Kit Muma)

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