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Don Stewart arrives too late to prevent Melanie Priesnitz from making a perfect pass.  One of the white-sweaters, Duncan Smith, can only watch.

The other white-sweater, Franco-American Marc Couturier forgets that he is not playing baseball.  At left, Don Stewart and Stephanie Smith are shown arriving too late.  Derek Potter the Impregnator runs interference, while netminder Meg Hainstock can only watch.

Brian Wilson appears disgruntled (or something) with angry Mike Peckford.

With the help of Meg Hainstock, netminder Dave Shutler fends off one of the white-shirts, Duncan Smith, disgruntled Brian Wilson, angry Mike Peckford, the ever-late Stephanie Smith, and a mystery blade.

Rodger's wave of violence.               

                                  "Pitcher has a rubber arm!"
The interesting players allow the others a turn.

         Meg the preventer!

A behind the scenes look.
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