BP Field Course

Checklist to bring (the island has no stores or washing machines!!!); written for the field course

Things that get wet on BP might not get dry again until you're on the mainland.  The mainland may be warm and sunny while the Island is cool, rainy, and foggy.  In short, you will want to prepare for cold and damp, and have backup clothing of all kinds.  (** denotes essentials.)  The boat trip across can provoke some spray; waterproof your belongings.

  Personal items
** Warm sleeping bag (good to 0 degrees, otherwise bring a sheet as lining)

Sheet or blanket to cover the mattresses that are provided

Extra blanket

Pillow and pillow slip

If you crave privacy, there are a few places to set up small tents
** Clothes (one of the Island rules is that you have to wear clothes; in addition to those listed, bring enough basic OLD clothes to last the interval you will be staying, plus a few extras):  Shoes, gloves or mittens, waterproof hiking boots, **rubber boots that are comfortable and that fit well, heavy warm socks, **rain gear (you may be outside for extended periods), warm coat, warm sweaters, bathing suit (if you're daring!), baseball cap or sun visor, leather work gloves.

Toilette (don't bring anything electric)

2+ Towels


Snakebite kit (just kidding)

Insect repellent
**  Flashlight

Extra batteries


Camera and extra film, etc.


Music source with headset

Musical instruments & sheet music

Alarm clock

Cell phone

  Research equipment


** Field guides to vegetation, insects, birds, etc. (COURSE REQUIREMENT)

Knapsack or shoulder bag
** Notebook for class lectures
** Pencils (mechanical with replacement leads or bring a sharpener) or waterproof pen

Clipboard, good supply of paper, writing implements
** Dissecting kit (COURSE REQUIREMENT)

Calculator (best if if fits in your pocket)

Watch (better if you have a stopwatch option)

Pocket knife

Coloured writing implements for preparing your presentations

** essentials

BP Field Course

Updated Nov 08