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CHEM2103, Physical Chemistry 1: Chemical Thermodynamics
Principles of chemical thermodynamics. Topics to be covered will include the first, second and third laws of thermodynamics and the applications of classical thermodynamics to chemical equilibrium, phase diagrams and electrochemistry. (3h lab)
Prereq: CHEM1123 or CHEM1023, MATH2013 or MATH2753, PHYS1023
CHEM3103, Physical Chemistry 2: Chemical Kinetics
Principles governing chemical dynamics. Topics to be covered will normally include the kinetic theory of gases and liquids, Fick's diffusion laws, chemical reaction kinetics, photochemistry and transition-state theory. (3h lab)
Prereq: CHEM2103
CHEM3113, Physical Chemistry 3: Quantum Chemistry
Principles of theoretical chemistry. The basic concepts of quantum mechanics are developed and applied to chemical bonding. atomic spectroscopy and molecular spectroscopy. (3h practicum)    
Prereq: CHEM3103, MATH2023 or MATH2723

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